Century of Tanks 1916 - 2016 The Art of David Pentland volume 1

Welcome to my new * project

2016 marks the first centenary of the Tank. In this book I aim to trace through my paintings and drawings, a selection of the various designs of this powerful and deadly weapon over the last hundred years.

The book will comprise 112 pages, (280mm x 215mm, 11 x 8.5 inches), landscape format hardback, fully illustrated throughout with full colour paintings and black and white drawings.  The edition will be divided into a signed and numbered Commemorative Edition for all Kickstarter buyers for £18, and an unsigned trade edition to retail at £25.

*Kickstarter is a tested crowd-funding tool that allows me to collect pre- orders on my proposed book to cover initial production costs of the project, and offers a special deal to supporters. If you decide to order a book, your card details will be taken, but not charged until the funding target is reached. Should the project fail to achieve funding however no cards are charged, and no one is out of pocket.

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